Achieving Your 2020 Financial Goals

For a lot of people, the new year comes with goals they hope to achieve. It could be the cost of a higher education, buying a car or a piece of land. It could also be financing a business or going on vacation.

But many people don’t earn enough and quickly become cash strapped after basic expenses. Therefore, buying that car or plot of land, paying for that degree and going on vacation become a dream too distant to come true.

But the secret to achieving these goals lies in your ability to maintain a solid financial plan. So what if you could spare a small percentage of your earnings each month? What if you could lock it away. Away from the urge to spend it? What if you could only access that money when it has grown enough to fund your goals?

Introducing Ziing.

Ziing (Powered by Investment One) has an exciting plan that could help you achieve all of this and more. This feature is called zPlan, it is your first step towards achieving your set goals.

This plan helps you breakdown the total financial implication of your goal. Depending on how you wish to save, the plan compartmentalizes the total sum into daily, weekly or monthly installments. It also automates your deposits so you don’t have to worry about manually doing it yourself.

To sweeten the deal, this plan gives you an interest rate of 10% per annum. And to help you with financial discipline, the zPlan could be locked down until its maturity, upon which your principal sum and interest would be released to you.

To get started on zPlan, download the app by following the links below.

Android | iOS

Looking forward to having you on board!