The slang ‘Japa’ is derived from Yoruba language, it is made up of two words, ‘ja’ meaning run and ‘pa’ which is used to exaggerate any verb in Yoruba language. It simply means fleeing from a dangerous condition.

In Nigerian parlance the word ‘Japa’ is used to describe a situation in which an individual relocates from a terrain such as Nigeria to other developed countries in pursuit of better standards of living and greener pastures.

We are certain everyone reading this article knows at least one person who has recently relocated from the country. The exodus of Nigerians to developed countries has been on the increase in recent time with Canada and U.K being the preferred destination.

Today, we thought to remind you that relocation outside the shores of your country of origin has financial implications. Planning to Japa? Have you considered the cost implications yet? Do you have a financial plan? Have you started putting funds aside to make your relocation much easier?

Here are a few financial tips for those looking to relocate:

1. Decide which country you want to move to.

2. Research the cost of living in the country.

3. Budget and save your living expenses for at least the first 12 months in the new country.

4. Research skills in demand in the country and the competence required to secure the jobs.

5. Acquire competence in (or seek to pursue an education in the field.)

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