How did you save and grow money while growing up?

Let’s take a little trip down memory lane. If you look around you today, there are myriads of platforms from different tech and financial outfits for you to save, invest, and grow your money. Each with competing offers to get your attention all for your financial convenience.

But then, before the advent of these advanced technologies, there have been ways people have been keeping and saving their money. If you can think back to your own days or the ones you knew back then, what ways have you been saving your money? And how effective were they?

However you look at it, some of the old methods of saving money would include:

·         Keeping it in a Kolo box.

·         Using the edge of a wrapper. This was common among women.

·         Digging a hole in the ground with a sign to identify the spot. This was quite frequent back in the days

·         Keeping money in the middle of a book no one pays attention to.

·         Placing it under the TV, the bed, or a stationary box no one really touch

·         Giving it to family members for safekeeping

·         In the pockets of old clothes

·         Putting it in a fence hole and covering it with stones

Some of these were quite effective back then. But the obvious difference is that money saved never grows. That’s why you should reach out to us and make us your investment partner, Be rest assured that you will get impressive returns on all your investments.