Is Your Lifestyle Rewarding?

You must be familiar with this timeless phrase “what a man sows he shall reap”. Although many tend to attach this phrase to situations with negative outcomes much more than they do to situations with positive outcomes, this statement generally describes the possibilities in life.

It is a truthful statement that attempts to caution us to be careful with our choices and decisions. It also attempts to advise one to make good use of opportunities as well as strike a balance between opportunities and risks.

Over the years, there has been a record of numerous wealthy people and families who have lost their wealth as well as many paupers who are now the top richest men and women in their continents.

When you take a close look and ask, what changed? You will find out that the outcome of many people and families was signaled by their lifestyle, choices, and actions. Generational wealth rarely comes suddenly, it is more than often planned, built, managed, carefully transferred, and multiplied like we mentioned in our last article.

You can only preserve what you pay attention to as well as manage. One’s lifestyle is a major determinant of reward and sustainability. Hence, there is need for a periodic pause and evaluation of the outcomes of your lifestyle ranging from your financial habits to your health habits and so on.

Ask the question, is my lifestyle rewarding? Are my finance habits the best, would they secure my future, are my health habits the best, would they preserve my life? Every single day lived outside a rewarding lifestyle is lost and can never be regained.

Some healthy and rewarding financial habits to consider include:

  • Early payment of bills
  • Recording your income and expenses
  • Goal setting and budgeting
  • Refraining from impulse buying
  • Saving for retirement and investing in Insurance
  • Reading books and seeking knowledge on finance.

Take a minute to reflect and answer if your lifestyle is rewarding or not and proceed to upgrade your financial habits for the best possible outcomes.Learn more on finance. Join our WhatsApp community here to participate in our weekly sessions.