Send your money on an errand

Is your money working for you or are you eating your seeds?

Today more than ever, one can hardly stay above the uncertainties and consequences of socio-economic instabilities, rising inflation rate and unpredictable policy formulation without nurturing their financial seeds.

Just like a farmer goes to the farm, buries a seed in fertilized soil and nurtures the seed, ensuring it gets water, sunlight, and other life-giving components up until the seed becomes a tree with many branches and fruits, we also must identify our financial seeds, bury them in fertilized soil where they can grow, so our seeds can germinate and blossom into trees with many branches, fruits, and shelter.

It does not matter how much you earn, what matters is if you can nurture your financial seeds to the point when it begins to bear uncountable fruits. Amongst many others, some notable benefits of sending your money on an errand include, financial security, compound interest, beating inflation, wealth accumulation, ability to engage in philanthropy, wealth transfer to the generation after you, diversification of your investment allowing for better risk management as well as unending capital appreciation.

American Businessman and author, Robert Kiyosaki, once said “The rich do not work for money, but money works for them while the poor work for money” confirming that a man who is unable to send his money on an errand continues to be a slave to money and cannot live above the effects of rising inflation rate or socio-economic instabilities, such a man is likely to work till his last day on earth.

The principles of financial success can be summarised in three following stages:

·         The stage of making money

·         The stage of managing money

·         The stage of multiplying money

Being able to continuously multiply your money is your lifetime ticket to growing long-lasting wealth. Most people take a posture of comfort and spend rashly once they start making money, forgetting that making money is only the beginning.

At a very early stage, it is highly beneficial to cultivate the skills of effective money management and get familiar with the tested and proven methods of multiplying money. To multiply your wealth, consider investment options like buying stocks, real estate, treasury bills and fixed income. You can start by seeking the help of a trusted Investment partner like Investment One.
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