The Money Wheel | Episode 25 | Baby Daddy Ayo dies leaving Kosiso to raise 2 children alone

Six months had passed since Ayo’s death. Kosiso still occasionally burst into tears, but for the most part, she was busy preparing for the new baby, working extra jobs and cutting down on all unnecessary expenses. Victor had worked closely with her to identify her first goal: to find a good school for Kene between ₦150,000 and ₦250,000 within three months. It had taken so much courage for her to admit that she couldn’t even afford a ₦500,000 school with her current income and expenses.

As far as she was concerned, history was repeating itself with her children. Kene would leave a school where the fees were paid in thousands of dollars to a ₦150,000 school. Ayo had set up the trust for Kene, but she could only benefit from it at 21. Nothing was set up for the boy in her belly. Presently, Ayo’s wife was contesting the trust fund in court. She claimed the money was technically her father’s, and so hers. Kosiso knew it was likely true, and Saheedat had told her to forget about the trust. This put Kosiso back where she had been before she decided to reunite with Ayo.

Now that she knew there would be no reunion, she sold most of her jewellery, designer outfits, purses and shoes and invested the money. Ayo had no will at his death, so she was fully responsible for Kene and the baby that would be born.

From time to time, Kene wondered how Ayo felt in his last moment, drowning in the river where he had gone overboard by accident and sunk to the bottom. He had been vacationing with his guys, and some said he may have had too much to drink. It was at night, and no one really knew what happened.

Hard as things sometimes were, Kosiso was grateful for Saheedat and Victor because she didn’t feel out of control. She had some money saved, had enrolled Kene in a good school nearby, and had a quarter of her next rent saved.She had been scared of trusting herself before, but now she saw she had more strength than she thought she had.